Whole30 Day 8, Makin' Mayo

Now that I think about it, I didn't have any spacey moments today. Maybe I'm getting the hang of how to feed myself without alcohol, grain, dairy, legumes, or sugar. (Yes, I did just put alcohol first in a list of food. Heh.) I did meet my goal yesterday of No Chicken, and managed it again today. Here's the scoop:

Breakfast: Sweet potato & yummy black tea



Scotch egg & vegs

Apple (at the apple pie party)

Jicama & baba ganoush

Leftover child's salad

Horrid watery chili (no beans!) Not shown: another 1/2 scotch egg

Homemade mayo & carrots: win!
Day 8 reflections: With the new theory that we don't need to eat quite so much meat, I skipped protein altogether at breakfast time and went for straight carbs to fuel my brain for the day. Lunchtime included a Scotch egg (Italian sausage version) from Well Fed, which was great. I even found compliant mustard to dip it in. I went to an apple pie birthday party at work and ate a solitary apple while observing others eating their pie. The chili for dinner without beans was pathetic. I am NOT making that again.

In the evening I made my first batch of Paleo mayonnaise (avocado oil version). I think this mayo is going to help us a lot--coleslaw, tuna salad, something creamy to dip in. We tried it out with crunchy sweet carrots. Pretty good!

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