Whole30 Day 3, Double Workout Day

This is my last Wednesday of spinning class in the morning and 2-mile "fun run" in the evening. I've been doing this double workout every other week since May. The fun run is put on by the local running club and it really is fun! I thought I would feel tired and awful today from not eating "real" food that I'm used to. But both the class and the run felt great. This was the first time ever I've had a "final kick" to my run, meaning I was actually able to speed up and surge over the finish line instead of just surviving the whole thing at about the same pace.

Breakfast: Sardines and yummy black tea.
Not pictured--6 berries left over from kid's plate.
Spicy ginger beef soup I invented--I had 2 bowls

Random acorn squash

Surprisingly delicious chicken stew.
It was so rich and filling I couldn't finish it.
Day 3 reflections: Good energy and good day today. According to Whole30 propaganda, I'm going to crash soon.

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