Whole 30 Day 12, Eeyore Day

Said in my Eeyore voice, "What's the point of all this. If there is a point."

It's Friday and I have no junky snack or ice cream to enjoy with my movie. No interesting mix-pack of craft beers. Just a boring movie and boring squash. I think I'll go to bed early again--at least I am getting lots of sleep on the Whole30, eh?

Today's fud:

Omelette with salsa & avocado, yummy black tea

Today's BLACK COFFEE portrait is brilliant

Picked-this-morning Cortland apple

Jicama & baba ganoush. So tired of this.

I ate the 1.5 scotch eggs before I remembered to take a picture

Spaghetti squash, random kale, and "Sunshine Sauce"

Day 12 reflections: So, blah. I'm starting to think that if eating this way is what it takes to be healthy, I don't want to be that healthy. But I'm not going to give up now. I want to see this through and find out what the middle and end of the story are. But 18 more days seems sooo loooong. (I keep telling myself that I carried two children for 9 months each, so this is no biggie.)

One interesting note is that I don't feel as hungry as I used to. But is that because all my food choices are so complicated I can't be bothered? Or am I turning into a fat burning machine?

Sorry to be whiny. Things are fine really. But this proves that changing one's lifestyle is HARD! I dislike change and/but I am extremely stubborn, so the Whole30 is an interesting test for me.

Have you ever resolved to overhaul your diet or exercise or decor or some other major scheme? How did it go?


ValleyWriter said...

Change is hard!! As you know, I did change my diet a few years ago - and lost major poundage in the process. That was my reward - looking better & having more energy as a lighter person. I don't think I could've stuck with it if there wasn't an obvious, fairly quick benefit. I hope you'll have some great result at the end of your whole30, too!

Alice said...

You are doing great. I'm reading every post. In the beginning it sounded interesting and admirable. But now I feel bad for you! Keep going, so we can all read the full story. Owl coffee photos and all!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Thank you both, I really appreciate the support and encouragement! That helps me keep going for sure. I'm so glad you're reading!!