Whole30 Day 24, Photography Error

It's Tom Bombadil's Feast Day again! In my made up Lord of the Rings religion. Here's to happy spots of comfort and solace along the crazy-scary roads we travel.

I forgot AGAIN to take a picture of my food. I think that's three days in a row. I will insert a placeholder, see if you can spot it.

Breakfast: Salsa-avocado omelette, yummy black tea

More bloody BLACK COFFEE

Lunch: You spotted it! This is a paint scraper. My lunch was a gorgeous salad.

I almost forgot to take a picture of my apple snack.

Dinner: lemon-olive chicken, chocolate cauliflower, and green beans
Day 24 reflections: OK, I'm ready for this to be done. Three weeks was fine. This last week is too slow! I drink my black coffee and fantasize about how it will taste on Wednesday with sugar and half & half in it. (I would love to just use milk, but my workplace only stocks half & half! At least it's organic! Also it's complimentary!)

Today I tried the chocolate cauliflower recipe from Well Fed, my go-to paleo cookbook this month. Don't be fooled, we're talking unsweetened cocoa powder here, along with garlic and paprika. I could have used a lot more of these seasonings. The result tasted undeniably of cauliflower.

I found out the 5K I thought was on Saturday is actually on Sunday. So I did one last long run (for me that happens to be a 5K, huh!) before I'll taper off with short runs until the race.

I've run every day this month and I've never run in the rain. Another sign of climate change? It did rain on a few days, but not while I was running...

I don't have much more to report. I'm already in October in my mind, sipping wine and eating cheese. I am toying with the idea of introducing grains very, very slowly. I'll have to do more research on that. Of all the things I've cut out this month--sugar, grains, legumes, alcohol, dairy--I wonder about grains the most and whether they are health culprits. I wonder about legumes a little bit. I wonder about sugar, alcohol and dairy not at all--I am READY TO GO with those.

Do you like cauliflower? What do you do with it? One recipe I like is to steam it whole and serve it slathered in cheese sauce.


Wendy said...

Cauliflower is great made into a creamy (pureed) soup!

Alice said...

I hate cauliflower. I've tried everything. It's not ging to change. I would be most cautious with dairy re-entry. I think legumes are awesome! Bread and dairy-cautious. Work up slowly to risotto. No half and half ever! Bring in your own skim milk or go without!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Cauliflower soup sounds possible. If it's as good as the creamy zucchini soup we like?

Alice, dairy really? I didn't peg that as a baddie. Although in the past I have gone on soymilk kicks claiming I am not a baby cow. No half & half because half of it is fat? Mmm risotto. :)

Jay said...

I loved your dish and I would love to say I and my family love cauliflower. We love paleo recipe and have it every weekend. I think everyone has different taste as mind.