Whole30 Day 7, Having Our Doubts

As whatever we're doing to our bodies really begins to take hold at the end of week one, my eating partner and I are questioning the program. I'm sure that's a normal phase on the whole30 timeline. Basically it seems silly to spend so much time, money, and effort to make food that we don't even really like. We're cranky, and we don't quite have the hang of the eating PROCESS that will keep us sane and healthy. If we're doing it wrong, is this even safe or good for us? How come I've never heard about getting consistent energy from body fat rather than up-and-down energy from food before, and how does that work exactly? More below--first here's what I ate today.

I discovered some turkey sausage patties with nothing bad in them. Yay!
Breakfast was poached egg, spinach, coffee (also tea, not shown), and one patty
Remains of lunch salad

also for lunch: Jicama slices with baba ganoush

mid-afternoon carbs=sweet potatoes

All we could eat from a delicious-looking buffet
Dinner: grilled shrimp skewers & zucchini noodles

Day 7 Reflections: We seem to be having a problem of ratios. I've upped our meat intake to cover for all the dairy & legumes we're not eating, but I haven't done much about all the grains we're not eating. According to my eating partner, the two plates shown above (breakfast with spinach, dinner with squash), should be packed with more vegetables, or more of the same vegetables, because veggies are the key to feeling well on this diet. And/or, we should be having more vegetables in general, especially starchy things like carrots & parsnips, winter squashes, jicama (what IS it? I ate some today and I still don't know), plantain, etc. He's been reading Well Fed and says we only need 4-6 ounces of protein per meal (which is probably what we were having before). So it seems like we'll try to amp up our vegetables in the coming week and see how that goes.

My running has been interesting. This weekend, I've only had energy for the minimum 10 minutes that I "pledged" to do every day this month. But today's run seemed a tiny bit better than yesterday's. I was actually able to speed up and feel like I was getting a bit of a workout by the end.

If there's one thing that's going OK lately, it's my parenting. I'm trying to be less reactive/upset about the tantrums, and just remain loving and kind throughout. Not ignoring the behavior, not punishing the behavior, just trying to be nice to the kid having the behavior. Maybe this is easier for me this week because I'm trying to just maintain in other areas too--no great highs, no great lows. Just... chill.

Gotta get some sleep now. How were your weekend dinners? Did you get to drink wine and eat cheese? Were there biscuits and pretzels and brownies? Tell me everything.


ValleyWriter said...

Are you sure you really want to know this?? Well, just in case you need to live vicariously - I had red wine AND a nutella and jelly sandwich yesterday. My first time for nutella & jelly - but hopefully not my last!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Oooh, thank you for the vicarious deliciousness. Nutella & jelly sounds a little like one of my favorite desserts--Linzer torte. NOM. :)