Whole30 Day 23, Dinner Error

So I remember, before the start of this thing, reading a post on Jeremy & Kathleen about Day 23. Kathleen was on Day 23, remembering how at about Day 4 she was hearing about Day 23 and finding it hard to imagine she'd ever be there. As I read about her Day 23 right around my own Day 4, I found it hard to imagine ever being there. And now we're here. One week to go. I have a feeling it's going to be a long week.

Photo reporting:

Breakfast: egg, kale, tea, sweet potatoes


Lunch salad: Did I get a complete rainbow in there? I think so!


Dinner: Sardines, spaghetti squash, beet greens

Dessert: fried plantain with coconut & almond meal sprinkles
Day 23 reflections: Here's the dinner error--I didn't read the package of turkey sausage until halfway through making little meatballs for dinner. It had SUGAR in it. So I had to suddenly change dinner plans while I was already cooking it. I opened a can of sardines for myself, and my eating partner had a pair of fried eggs. I kick myself for not reading that label in the store. I really need to read the label on any food I'm considering that has a label. Lesson learned.

Here's a secret. I like Paleo breakfasts and lunches. I like having a big pile of eggs and kale and sweet potatoes, or a salsa-avocado omelette. They fuel me up well for the day, and they're yummy. And I like having a big salad for lunch. I was already getting into that habit during the summer, so this seems to be confirming that habit. Really, it's just the Whole30 dinners that are strange. I've basically got the hang of how to make a Paleo dinner, but it doesn't seem "normal." I'm already looking forward to having everything under the sun at my disposal again. I'm tired of pretending acorn squash is at all similar to basmati rice.

Have you ever fried plantain before? Tonight was a first for me. I didn't slice it thin enough (thinly!), so instead of crisp plantain chips I got crunchy-outside, gooey-inside plantain blobs. Not bad though. Let me know if you have plantain tips! I bought the plantain on Day 6 and it took this long to ripen!

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