Whole30 Day 16, I think

It's getting hard to keep track of what day it is in our 30-day eating program. Good thing I signed up for the Whole30 daily emails, which help confirm exactly where we're at. Day 16.

Today's food? Oh yes. It will probably look familiar:

Eggs! Also jicama "home fries"

That's no moon. That's BLACK COFFEE.

Lunch: assorted sweet potatoes, rice-less sushi
Not pictured: Apple for snack

Lamb kebabs, asparagus, acorn squash

Day 16 reflections: It occurs to me that I haven't opened a package of food in days. I mean a box or container or can (other than coconut milk). Everything is either a fresh vegetable or some kind of meat. (Yes, everything is wrapped in plastic, but that's not what I mean.) I take it out of the fridge in its close-to-harvested state, cook it up, and that's what we eat. Plus random oils and Seasnax I guess.

I had a cheating dream last night. My eating partner and I ordered delicious pints of beer, and right before downing mine I realized I was going to break my Whole30. Then I had some cheese and bread and salami. Then I started to worry--how will I explain to my blog readers that I just ditched the whole thing halfway through? Although it was a delicious dream, I was glad to wake up this and learn that I had not, in fact, ruined my whole plan in a single impetuous sweep.

I don't think I like jicama. I've tried it sliced and raw with dip, and cooked and fried with eggs. It is just not my bag. I did like the rice-less sushi I made for lunch, based on a Well Fed recipe naturally. It's made with avocado, smoked salmon, and pepper strips. It could also have daikon and/or carrot strips, maybe cucumber, and lots more avocado in each roll. I'd probably make this again. Finally the sweet potatoes--we got some different kinds at the coop this week and some are almost potato-y. Not too sweet, nice starchy mouthfeel. I could make decent scalloped sweet potatoes with them. If I were able to have milk and cheese, HA HA.

Have you tried other sweet potatoes than just those orange Thanksgiving-y ones? Any recommendations?

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