Whole30 Day 10, OH THE CRAVINGS

Instead of breaking my running streak today, I took our 6-year-old on a very slow lope around the block. This was her second run ever. She says it hurts her legs--I guess that's normal? When I was growing, I remember my knees hurt a lot.

So here's today's Whole30 menu:

Breakfast: sweet potato, omelette with salsa & kale, yummy black tea

Portrait of BLACK COFFEE at the office

This is my lunch container. Inside was a scotch egg,
mustard & roasted green beans.


black tea

jicama & baba ganoush

Rogan Josh (lamb curry), steamed kale, cauliflower "rice"

Day 10 reflections: So we're 1/3 done with these shenanigans today. I was fine with cravings those first 8.5 days, but last night the happy ghosts of crunchy salty foods started whispering to me, and today I just wanted to settle down with a baguette and a chocolate bar and a bottle of wine. I'm going to go to bed early just to get away from my privations!

Today's Rogan Josh was awesome--from Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed. I couldn't afford stew lamb so I got 4 bone-in shoulder chops and deboned them. They spent all day in the slow cooker until they were fall-apart tender and super savory by dinnertime. Cauliflower "rice" and kale drizzled with avocado oil were the perfect complement. Big props to cauliflower rice, by the way, as tasting pretty much as good as its forbidden counterpart. It's one of the very few vegetables that is starchy and not too sweet. (You may have noticed I've relented on sweet potatoes. I need their starchiness more than I dislike their taste. Also have you noticed I'm on Day 3 with No Chicken? Such thrilling developments.)

Today I was in a planning mood, putting things on my calendar that I haven't even confirmed yet. Trip to California in May 2013! Birthday trip to New Mexico! Apple picking! Thanksgiving fair! Honey, why don't you go to NYC and/or a kooky JFK seminar? It feels like yesterday my body was regaining energy, and today was my brain's turn. The next 20 days could be interesting if I'm operating in some rarefied toxin-free creative zone. Things are really just starting. I guess that's why this takes 30 days. Which is when I'll have a beer and a giant sandwich... mmm.

Bah! Time for bed.


S Demb said...

weirdly, cauliflower has higher sugars than sweet potato! I'm on the low FODMAP diet (developed by Monash U in Australua) for medical reasons. all sorts of veggies and fruits (along with most carbs) are now verboten!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

That is interesting SD, I had no idea! And you got me to go look up FODMAP. Do you feel your diet is helpful/effective?