Whole30 Day 2, I Hate Sweet Potatoes

I'm sure in the next 28 days I will revisit and reconsider the statement "I hate sweet potatoes." But today I could hardly choke them down. On the other hand, black coffee is growing on me. (Technically I could have the coffee with coconut milk, but that seems pathetic. Also I'm in danger of hating coconuts soon.)

Breakfast: sweet potato hash, fried egg, yummy black tea
Lunch: Salad with golden beets and pepitas
Half a mug of coffee in the afternoon
Spicy chicken & acorn squash fry-up
Dinner: Taco beef in lettuce wraps with salsa, guacamole & kohlrabi

Day 2 reflections: Forced myself out of bed for a run, then home to the worst breakfast ever. It was my 3rd egg-based meal out of the last four, and I was sick of eggs. The sweet potato hash that I made with coconut oil was both cloying and dull. There were some nice crunchy bits in there that got burned--I would rather just eat those. I knew this was essential fuel though, so I chewed and chewed. The rest of the day went pretty well. I'm having some concentration problems, to which I've been applying caffeine.

I had 3 of the beef taco lettuce wraps, they were yummy! Taco seasoning is allowed and so is salsa!

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