Whole30 Day 15, Halfway Done

Today was another pretty OK day. Maybe we're getting used to this Whole30 thing at last. Things seem to be evening out and settling down, which is a great relief.

Today's exciting food selections were:
Breakfast: Carrot+burdock "strengthener," egg, kale, yummy black tea


Lunch salad


Afternoon tea

Chicken Slaw & green beans

Day 15 reflections: I can't say I feel amazing or anything while doing this "eating clean" thing for 30 days, at least not yet. But I don't feel any worse! I'm definitely feeling a bit leaner. (You're not supposed to weigh yourself during the Whole30, so I just go by how my clothes fit.) My eating partner seems to be feeling better today at least. And he picked out a delicious dinner selection for us from the Everyday Paleo cookbook. He gently urged me to Actually Follow the Recipe instead of doing my usual crazy improv. I did and was so glad--this was a yummy dinner! It's basically coleslaw with apple and sundried tomato, plus cooked chicken and slivered almonds. I wasn't expecting much, but the way it all came together was fresh, crunchy, sweet, salty, lots of nice complex flavors and textures going on. The whole family ate at least some, and our first-grader asked for seconds. We'll definitely make this again.

So since we've been doing this for 15 days, we figure we just have to do it all over again and then we'll be done. Fifteen more days. Will we try the horrible sounding "Meatza" (cheeseless pizza on a crust made of meat) as a "When in Rome" experiment? How much more ghee and coconut oil will we need to purchase to get through until October 2? Will blueberries finally go out of season? Will I buy a new coffee mug to replace my Barn Owl one that gets water stuck between the layers? Will I ever cave and put coconut milk in my cup of joe? Stay tuned as these and other questions unfold in real time...

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