Whole30 Day 26, TGIF

This week did seem really long, as I predicted. One more weekend and then two more days and our Whole30 eating program (meats, seafood, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, and that's it) will be over! I think we're going to make it! And that four days will seem like another week at least.

Keeping the photo food diary going:

Sweet potatoes, kale, sausage


Unappealing lunch: leftover spaghetti squash with scape pesto

Avocado with dressing

Leftovers: chicken-olive stew, cauliflower, beans

Like candy! Fruit balls with shredded coconut
Day 26 reflections: My eating partner is so ready to be done with this! We spent the evening wishing we were having beer and Indian takeout, which is our normal Friday ritual. We've had a movie from Netflix for about 3 weeks but never have the heart (or stomach?) to watch it because we can't have popcorn or chips or other usual snacks that we love to munch while watching. We'll probably get around to it next Friday. (It's "Too Big to Fail.")

I ran in the rain today at last. Just around dusk, I got out the full rain gear and did my 10 minutes there and back down the road, dodging the puddles that live in the lower-elevation sidewalk squares.

I planned turnip-crab soup for dinner but we just weren't in the mood. We're saving it for lunch tomorrow, or sometime.

A very minor point of interest: I didn't eat any eggs today.

Lots of plans for the weekend, I hope I get some of them checked off. Grocery shopping, 5K, farmer's market, water plants, prep food, a potluck party, plus Brattleboro-West Arts is having their annual open studio tour and Kid's Playce indoor play space is opening for the season.

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