Whole30 Day 6, The Opening of the Coconut Milk

One thing that's hard to miss about the Whole30 "reset" eating program is that it involves a lot of coconut products. Coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flakes, coconut chips, even coconut aminos (a little like soy sauce, which is not allowed). I bought the first 3 on this list last month in preparation for the Whole30. But since I refuse to put coconut milk in my coffee, today was the first day I broached a can of coconut milk. I can't go back now. Here's what I ate today:

Pretty good breakfast: omelette with salsa & avocado, coffee
Not pictured: several chunks of nectarine
I spent over $70 at the farmer's market. These are the fruits &vegs.
Check out the red okra front right!
Here's my protein from the market: eggs and 3 pounds of ground beef
(2 were sold to me as lamb, I didn't find out until I got home that they were marked "beef")
Random vegetables for lunch. Not pictured: small pieces of cold chicken
More random vegetables (leftovers steamed on Thursday)
Butternut bake for dinner side dish
Chicken soup with beet greens. Pretty uninspired.

Day 6 Reflections: My cookbooks arrived! These are going to save me from the boringville sweet potato hell I was afraid of. The Butternut Bake above is from my favorite of the books, called Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat by Melissa Joulwan. In a way this book is kind of responsible for me doing this in the first place, since it was (beautifully) designed by Kathleen Shannon, whose blog I've been reading for ages, and who herself did the Whole30 about a month ago and got me really thinking about it seriously. Another nice thing: the whole book is Whole30 approved, so I don't have to figure out if the recipes are "OK" or not.

I did menu planning today and here's what I'm thinking for dinners this week:
  • Sunday: Ginger-Lime Shrimp (from Well Fed) with either spaghetti squash or zucchini "noodles"
  • Monday: 2-meat chili, probably using the okra
  • Tuesday: Paleo Krabby Patties and TBD vegetable
  • Wednesday: Rogan Josh (from Well Fed) with cauliflower "rice"
  • Thursday: Thai chicken curry, definitely involving coconut milk
  • Friday: random leftovers

Today's food was lame. I didn't have it planned and didn't have much around the house because I buy groceries on Sundays. I found a chicken carcass in the freezer and made a 2-hour stock, then pulled off the chicken pieces and added beet greens and that was dinner. Lunch was worse, I snacked on vegetables that were basically just lying around.

My goal for tomorrow: a day without chicken. Maybe even a day without eggs, though that may be impossible.

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