Goals for September: Paleo!

This month I'm going to try a project--an eating project. While I've been pretty successful with an exercise program this summer, I still feel bloated and sluggish frequently. So I'm going to try a crazy "re-set" program I've seen around called The Whole30.

The deal is that for 30 days you can eat meat, eggs, seafood, veggies, fruit and nuts, staying as unprocessed as possible. Do not have dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol, or sugar. It's pretty much the "Paleo Diet" that you may have heard about. I'm already nervous about trying this because whenever I'm stressing I turn to crackers and wine, and this plan doesn't allow crackers OR wine. But I want to try it anyway, because some kind of re-set would be fabulous. It is autumn after all, which, like spring, is a good time for transformation and cleansing.

Here are my September goals:
  1. I'm going to follow the Whole30 plan for 30 days, starting tomorrow, Sept. 3.
  2. I'm going to "streak" for the same period, meaning I will run every single day. Minimum run is 10 minutes.
  3. I'm going to take lots of pictures of food and post them here. (Surprise!)

Have you heard of the Whole30? I first read about it on Dog Hill Kitchen, then on Jeremy & Kathleen. I'm excited! (The photos with this post are of a test run: roasted sweet potato & green beans, marinated pork tenderloin, and cauliflower "rice.")



ValleyWriter said...

I've been hearing a lot about Paleo eating, but haven't quite gotten to the point where I'm ready to give up grains. No wine I could handle, but no pasta? no rice? I'm not so sure. I'll be following your experience closely! (P.S. Cauliflower 'rice' looks awesome!)

"Prof. Kitty" said...

Thanks for following, I'll do my best to keep it real about Paleo! It seems like a pretty nutty idea, but I apparently like to throw myself into those :)