Whole30 Day 27, Quiet Saturday

Hi! We're still at this Whole30 thing! You know, the grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free eating program that will Change Your Life. It's too early to tell if this is changing my life, but I can definitely tell that if I put my mind to something (that is reasonably within reach) it will probably happen. Even though eating a very specific way for 30 days has not been my favorite thing, by gum if I said I was going to do it then I'm doing it.

Today's food was:

Breakfast: sausage, sweet potatoes, & coffee w. coconut milk

Lunch: Gilfeather turnip soup with crab

snack: tiny Macoun apple from the Farmer's Markt

Snack while working on dinner: guacamole & carrots

Dinner: Chorizo sausage and cabbage

Day 27 reflections: Did you know that there are some other rules to the Whole30 besides avoiding the foods mentioned above? I may have touched on some in other posts, like the strong suggestion not to snack. Also you're not supposed to have a bunch of fruit to try to replace sugar cravings, or to suck back pots of almond butter because hardly anything else like it is allowed. You're not supposed to reward yourself for a job well done with food. You're not supposed to "paleo-fy" foods that you used to eat, like trying to make pancakes out of coconut flour or ice cream out of frozen bananas. (I don't really get that one, because "meatza" sounds a lot like paleo-fying to me but it seems accepted. Just eat the meat and tomatoes and don't bother pretending it's pizza!) Smoothies are discouraged because the point is to eat your nutrients and experience foods as close to whole as possible. Most of these make sense to me. I like that the Whole30 is pro-CSA and suggest looking for local meats & produce as much as possible. I like that it's making me read labels and learn about different additives and which foods are likely to have surprise sugar (ketchup! bacon! sliced turkey!).

What I don't know about the Whole30 is exactly why I'm avoiding these foods. I know that they have been connected to inflammation and inflammation is bad, but I feel if I knew more about those actions or pathways I would have a better idea what foods to continue avoiding and what I can reintroduce. I guess I could treat this program as a massive elimination diet. Whatever I add back in, I could do it in an isolated manner so if I start seeing or feeling changes, I'll know exactly why.

Also I might start paleo-fying stuff when this is over. I really wouldn't mind coconut pancakes, or paleo morning glory muffins, or pizza made on a nut crust. (I'd add cheese to that pizza though, I really would.)

A note about today's coffee--unlike last weekend, I tried WHOLE FAT coconut milk this time (not LIGHT), and it did make my coffee a little bit nicer. So that's lovely. How do you like your coffee? Skim milk? Nothing at all (I'm looking at you ValleyWriter!)? SOY? Sweet or no? Do you not drink coffee?


ValleyWriter said...

I think treating it like an elimination diet makes good sense, because just because a food is inflammatory or bothersome for one person (or even many) doesn't mean that it is for all. Maybe start slowly with your favorites (WINE! Cheese!) and see how it goes. I'd be interested here those updates!!

These days I'm caffeine-free, but when I was a regular coffee-drinker, most days, as you know, it was straight up black. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the occasional cream & sugar treat though. Mmmm... coffee would be soooo good right now!

Alice said...

It is interesing. We do CSA June-Sept. With veggies and eggs. Meats are out of our budget. So we eat seasonally and Paleo-ish for a while, and we do feel healthy and energetic. But man, do I get tired of radishes, kale, and carrots. Cucumber season was too short, and there's not enough squash or potatoes at the moment! I totally understand the elimination of dairy, alcohol, sugars..but legumes? and whole grains? It seems hunger inducing.
I take my coffee like this: heat 1/3 cup milk in micro for 1 min, then pour hot, dark roast coffee in..plus a whopping tbsp of sugar. Just tried Starbuck's Cinnamon coffee and I'm addicted!

"Prof. Kitty" said...

VW thanks for your thoughts on the re-introduction ideas. I feel like I've got this great blank canvas all prepared and I don't want to spatter it with all kinds of junk right off the bat! Wine & cheese for sure though ;)

Alice, that's interesting how summer/CSA eating is naturally kind of paleo-riffic--yes! The farmer's market has been my true friend during this time, because that's where all the good/allowed stuff is. I have considered a CSA but I like picking out things at the FM too much... Also your coffee sounds DELISHUS.