Whole30 Day 18, Total 3pm Crash

Interesting phenomenon today--I had a sugar crash experience at 3pm, just like in the old days... except I'm not eating sugar. Here's what I think happened: the toddler was teething and woke up screaming at 2am. I didn't get back to sleep until after 4, then had to get up at 5:30 for my bootcamp class. The class was just extended to a full hour, so I did an intense workout from 6-7 which was hard but felt great. Then I went for my 10 minute run right when I got home because I was already all warmed up. So I was basically starting my day with a huge calorie & energy deficit to fill. I'll show my food and then continue this fascinating story.

First breakfast: egg, kale, coffee

Second breakfast: sweet potatoes!


Apple snack

Leftover lamb kebabs and acorn squash. Twice.

Salmon with mustard sauce & cauliflower rice
Day 18 reflections: So anyway, my eating partner thoughtfully made me breakfast, but I knew I needed more carbs or something to help recover from the workout. So I fried up a plate of assorted sweet potatoes. But I was hungry all day. I had my apple snack early and could hardly wait for lunch. Then at about 3 o'clock I thought I was coming down with the flu because I felt awful. Nauseated, dizzy, weak, achey. I decided to treat it like a sugar crash and feed the problem... by having lunch all over again. (I'd eaten half of my leftovers and was saving half for tomorrow.) And it worked!

So the lesson learned is to Feed the Workout. So far my energy reserves during this program are very brittle--I get drained quickly and easily. Even though I felt fine this morning, I need to overcompensate afterward with lots of food.

I figure that tonight's dinner is the 54th meal I've made in a row. We have not eaten out or had any pre-made food since Day 1. I know I could interrogate servers or vendors about what's in their products so I can get some selections. But honestly, if I'm going to pay for something like that, I want to get the Real Thing. So we'll probably end up cooking/assembling every single meal this month. It's interesting! I'm using my Cuisinart a lot more. And can I say again how September seems to be the perfect month for this program? Not only is there great produce and local meat copiously available, but there are no major eating holidays in September to be sad about. A Paleo Halloween would be not good.

Off to catch up on my sleep. Thanks for reading and hope you are well.

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