Whole30 Day 9, Some Energy Returns

I'm feeling somewhat normal again today, after several days of Whole30 muzziness. My eating partner, however, is either stuck in the muzzy phase or is getting some kind of virus--he's not feeling well. Here's my food for today:

Breakfast: sausage, leftover butternut bake, yummy black tea, berries


Lunch salad

Snacks--that's almond butter in the blue container

Paleo Krabby Patties, broccoli, acorn squash

In lieu of pretzel binge, some watermelon

Day 9 reflections: I feel like I nailed it in terms of proportions today. I made sure to get some carb-like veggies in there early (butternut bake), and at dinner I remembered to have both a green veggie (broccoli) and a starch (acorn squash). Just now when I really wanted a huge handful of cheddar bunnies or salty pretzels, I instead wolfed down some watermelon. Those Krabby Patties are awesome by the way. They contain $20 worth of crab because there's no filler!!

I noticed a return of energy today during my morning run. Not only was I able to do my old 5K route that I failed to complete on Day 5, but I also ran a negative split (the second half was faster than the first). It usually takes me 15 minutes each way. Today it took me 18 minutes out, which was sad, but then I found my sweet spot and motored back in the usual 15 minutes. It felt good! That said, I've been having some pain in the middle of my left quadricep and also left hip joint, so I'm strongly considering giving up my "September streak" so those areas can heal up. Extra incentive: there's a real 5K happening on Saturday, so taking a few days off could be preparation for that. Maybe. I'm still going to my usual morning classes tomorrow and Thursday, so it's not much of a break. You know I'll keep you posted.

Have you noticed I am trying to get some interesting angles on the ubiquitous black coffee shot? You're welcome.

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