Walk in the Woods. Also Whole30 Day 21

What a gorgeous fall day today. Cool, clear and breezy. Perfect for a family walk in the woods. As usual we were on sharp lookout for our favorite woodland denizens--newts. And the woods delivered big time.

Newt #1

Newt #2 extreme closeup


Cool toadstools

Cool toadstools with BONUS, Newt #3

Birch bark closeup

I love Sunday woods walks. That is our church.

In the Paleo world, nine more days until wine & cheese! Haha. I mean nine more days until I assess my future foodways from a seasoned & responsible standpoint. Today was Day 21 of the Whole30:

This was part 2 of breakfast, plus almond butter. Part 1 was a small dish of sliced pear.

Yummy black tea

Lunch: leftover Thai chicken curry

mid-afternoon coffee w. coconut milk

Dinner: Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken Slaw, same as day 15
Day 21 reflections: Today I went to a Thrift Fashion Party, such a neat idea! A local woman who loves to find amazing pieces at thrift stores but can't possibly use/want everything she finds is offering her services as a Personal Thrift Shopper. I am totally going to do this! Today's gathering was to spread the word a bit and give a bunch of us a chance to see/try/buy some of what she has collected. I am so excited to get some help in the fashion department. Once she knows my style and what I'm looking for she can keep me in mind while she's thrifting. The very idea of having a Personal Thrift Shopper is making me carefully consider my style and my closet. Everything I want to get rid of seems to be from Old Navy. Hmm.

About the diet thing... not much to report today. I am still sick-ish so kept a low profile. The fridge is so well stocked with ready-to-eat items it's a little overwhelming actually. Here are my dinner plans for the week:

Monday: Slow cooker lamb curry with green beans
Tuesday: Turkey Sausage meatballs with tomato sauce & spaghetti squash
Wednesday: Chicken with lemon & green olives with cauliflower rice
Thursday: Gilfeather turnip soup with crab (omit potatoes) with some kinda veggie
Friday: Paleo salmon cakes with some kinda veggie

What are you having for dinner this week? Are you an ultra planner like me? Since I started the Whole30 I not only plan every dinner, but have a spreadsheet for every single meal & snack, including extra rows for kid's food. It's just that complicated...


Anonymous said...

AWESOME newt photos!

I remember seeing one once and thought it was a toy left behind, their colors are so vivid and 'unreal' looking. Thanks for posting those.


"Prof. Kitty" said...

Thank you, I am really impressed by that closeup--for a phone photo! Newts are neat.