Enchanted Elf

Ever noticed that the movie "Enchanted" (2007) is pretty much the exact same story line as the movie "Elf" (2003)?
  • Both start with our protagonist living in a fairy tale world that contains talking animals.
  • Then, circumstances propel our character to New York City where she or he gets a good dose of the "real world,"
  • including the sad fact that animals can't talk.
  • In each movie, we see a character experience the modern technical wonder that is a revolving door.
  • A love interest is skeptical about the protagonist's apparent insanity, but is charmed rather than scared or annoyed.
  • A young child is able to understand and connect with the protagonist more immediately than surrounding adults, presumably because children are still moist from immersion in the world of fairy tales.
  • Both protagonists are introduced to the alien concept of a "date" or "going out for food."
  • At the end of each movie, the fairy tale world enters the real world: either in the form of an angry female dragon climbing a building like Kong (Enchanted) or Santa crashing his sleigh in Central Park (Elf).
  • Both movies also show the main character appearing on live television and
  • have a fair amount of singing.
So which do I like better? Well, "Elf" has more slapstick, more sight gags and more jokes. In other words, it has more Will Ferrell. That means I like "Elf" better. "Enchanted" was cute and put me in a good mood, but I'm not running out to buy the DVD or anything. "Elf"? Already have that one in my WF library.

I also wonder, as a post-script, what other movies use this Fantasy segues to real world segues to Big Mix-Up segues to LOVE format. Maybe not "Babe: Pig in the City." But I'm sure there's something obvious I'm not remembering at the moment. I may have to check out "My Stepmother is an Alien" or something.

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