Ham & Swiss Palmiers: Perfect Appetizer

I got this hors d'ouevres recipe from a friend in catering and it's really fabulous. I can tell I'll be playing with it and modifying it for many app-friendly gatherings to come. But I want to share now--maybe you've already heard of Ham & Swiss Palmiers?

There are just 4 ingredients. Puff pastry, mustard, sliced Black Forest ham and Swiss cheese. In particular, I used Dijon mustard and Finnish Swiss (I know! but it was cheap). Thaw puff pastry as directed, slather with mustard, layer on grated cheese and ham slices, roll in from either side, slice onto a greased cookie sheet, bake at 400˚ for about 20 minutes.

These are like a ham-sandwich worth of warm savory mouthfeel: melty, crunchy, buttery, hammy. I feel strange saying "palmiers"... maybe I'll call these "hammies." Notes for next time: try gruyère, try honey mustard, try less ham and tighter rolls, try thinner slices. These are just tweaks though, the basic recipe is already top-notch and got many compliments!

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Making these!
How delicious and simple loking.

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