Trying to Eat Cheap series

Here are links to the posts from my "Trying to Eat Cheap" series in one place for easy reference. I've decided to describe what the post is about rather than giving the titles, because the titles are like "Trying to Eat Cheap: Dinner, Day 26." Since I was doing a series this naming system made sense at the time, but maybe not so useful for archiving purposes. Here's what I wrote about/ate in chronological order--I also include prices because that was a main point of this series!

Dal with kale & brown rice under $10
Mac & cheese with broccoli $13
Aduki huevos rancheros under $10
Cheese melts with kale $9.50
Slow Cooker Barley Soup $12
Dining on hors d'oeuvres at an opening, fundraiser or other event FREE
Dinner down the pub $40.06
Pasta bake with ham $10.25
Butternut buckwheat soup with wakame $6.75
Salmon patties & salad $10.59
Garlic sliders with beans & waffle fries $11
Turkey tacos $8.85
Beef stroganoff with kale $9.69
Cheesecake for a potluck $8.50
Leg of lamb with scalloped potatoes & greens PRICELESS
Turkey chili $12 for 2 night's-worth
Pork chops with cabbage $10.95
Lentil soup with cheese melts $6.75
Homemade pizza $11.75
Jessica Seinfeld's meatball & bowtie soup $11.47
Brown rice casserole $5
Notes on how eating seasonal is part of eating cheap
Leftover casserole plus Indian flavors $5
Gilfeather turnip soup with crab $14
Spinach-bacon quiche $9.35
Slow cooker chuck roast stew $13

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