Trying to Eat Cheap: Dinner, Day 12

No photo today as my camera battery kicked out just as I was getting ready to snap a pic of my TACOS. I always use ground turkey (dark meat) for these, plus Casa Fiesta taco seasoning. I don't usually get into brand names on this blog, but I do so love Casa Fiesta taco seasoning. We were wondering once how it could possibly be so good. Turns out one of the ingredients is chocolate! Case solved.

Here's what went into 6 hard corn tacos:
6 corn taco shells: 2.00
1/2 lb. ground turkey: 2.50
1/2 package Casa Fiesta taco seasoning: .60
3 T sour cream: .50
3 T salsa: .75
grated cheddar cheese: 1.50
1/2 avocado, sliced: 1.00
Total: $8.85

Just for the record, one of the things I don't compromise on price-wise is conventional vs. organic food. I strongly prefer organic or local food, and natural chemical-free meats. I shop at the local health food store and the local farmer's market as much as possible. I think this automatically raises my price point somewhat, and that's OK. That's because I believe that it's not healthy or necessary to get the Absolute Cheapest ingredients available. My frugality goal is to not only eat cheap, but to eat cheap quality foods that aren't going to kill me faster.

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