Panther: The band, not the cat or the OS

I was so obsessed with just a couple new-to-me bands this summer (Cut Copy anyone? Vampire Weekend?) that I skipped over some other interesting outfits. So I'm going back to appreciate some of what I missed in my excitement. One good thing is Panther, whose latest album is 14 kt. God. What I like about Panther is that of the 4 tracks I know well, each sounds like it's by a completely different group. "Violence, Diamonds" is a cheesy symphony by 90s poseurs that you hate to love, but love nonetheless. "Puerto Rican Jukebox" is an ever-ticking funk punk chant. It would be great jogging music. "On the Lam" is totally delicious 80s-style synth-pop with soaring chorus and incessant loops. It would be a great soundtrack for Breakfast Club corridor out-takes. And "How Well Can You Swim" is just modern and strange-sounding, a monotonous yet insidious track that doesn't say much but gets thoroughly stuck in my head. All this diversity of sound says to me this is one cool band. They're from Portland, OR (just like Menomena and The Helio Sequence, hey!). If you want to see into the mind of the lead-singer-guy, visit Rhinestone Neckbrace. Also see

Beef Jerky Time playlist, 11*5*08
  • Wet & Rusting: Menomena
  • On the Lam: Panther
  • All Too Vivid: Vega
  • Black: Okkervil River
  • Ya-Ya-Ya: Larytta
  • Campus: Vampire Weekend
  • Chandelier Searchlight: Deerhoof
  • Make It So (XXXChange remix): Daedelus
  • The Whip: Trash
  • Paper Planes: M.I.A.
  • How Well Can You Swim: Panther
  • Snowblind: +/-
  • Inspiration Information: Shuggie Otis

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