Trying to Eat Cheap: A Month of Dinners, Day 11

I'm so full after dinner tonight I can hardly move. I was missing "meat" and "American food" so I wrote myself out a week of dream menus that included Quiche Lorraine, cassoulet, tilapia with mustard sauce and chicken breast stuffed with feta and sundried tomatoes. But first up, garlic sliders with horseradish mayo, waffle fries and beans-in-sauce on the side. I couldn't find any official "slider buns" (surprise surprise, I thought modern supermarkets had EVERYthing), so I used small rolls. They were quite soft, but worked fine. I love the horseradish mayo idea--used Tyler Florence's idea from his Ultimate Burger bar (mix mayo with prepared horseradish, chopped herbs--parsley & chives for me, as usual--olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper).

Here's my breakdown:
1/2 pkg frozen green beans: 1.00
sour cream & parm: .75
1/2 lb. ground beef: 2.00
garlic, egg, bread crumbs, basil: .75
9 brown-n-serve rolls: 2.00
lettuce & condiments: 1.50
horseradish mayo: 1.00
1/2 package of waffle fries: 2.00
Total: 11.00
HA! I knew it! It's possible to eat "normal" food for just a few dollars more than a completely healthy, vegan, whole grain, vitamin laden meal. Just the news I needed. Because it's kind of stressful to both feel cash-strapped and to have to eat very plain food. It's not necessary! Stay tuned for more comparisons between "health food" (days 1-6 and 9) and "regular food" (days 10 & 11) in the days to come, as I try to work out exactly what I can do on a shoestring budget.

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