Trying to Eat Cheap: A Month of Dinners, Day 6

FREE FOOD! This is the ultimate in frugality--attend an event with a nice spread and, even better, culture. We attended a fabulous spread at the local museum--I have never in my life seen cheese and crackers spread out to the very edge of a table cloth, right ON the table cloth. This photo makes it look kind of small, but I think there were about 24 square feet of hors d'ouevres here, including an excellent smoked fish with shaved red onions and a smooth garlic dip. (The dip is that spoon sticking up in the far upper right.)


In addition, servers worked the room with trays of spicy turkey meatballs and havarti puffs. And as you can see in the foreground: free wine. The event was to promote a visit of the Moscow Ballet to benefit a local children's health cause. Yes, this was our whole dinner.

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