Trying to Eat Cheap: Dinner, Day 22

This is called "Meatball Soup" from Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook Deceptively Delicious (Melcher Media 2007). As you may have heard, Mrs. Seinfeld's idea is to put pureed vegetables into "normal" food so that children are sure to get at least some vegetables during the day. Other recipes include chocolate cake (made with beets) and pizza (with a hidden layer of spinach). This meatball soup contains carrot puree in the broth and sweet potato puree in the meatballs. I am not a huge convert on the hidden vegetables thing, but I do like some of these recipes and bowtie pasta is popular with my audience.

3 oz. pasta: .90
1 can tomatoes: 2.19
3 cups chicken stock: 2.00
1/2 lb ground turkey: 2.75
1/2 onion, 2 cloves garlic: .75
sweet potato: .33
1/2 carrot: .50
milk & parm: $.75
3 slices bread: .80
oil, spices: .50
Total: 11.47
Closing argument: I find this a frugal recipe for 3 reasons. One, it's a meal on its own. Two, there are tons of meatballs in it, but they're actually mostly bread, so quite thrifty. Three, leftovers!

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