Honey Lager: Tried Too Early?

My second batch of beer this season was a Honey Lager from Charlie Papazian's book The New Complete Joy of Home Brewing (Avon Books 1991). The ingredients are very simple: light dried malt extract, 2.5 pounds of clover honey, Cascade hops and yeast. The brew supply store fellow sold me a very nice packet of yeast which (bad!) I forgot to write down. (See my "lessons learned" post about keeping good brewing notes!) But I did write down the original gravity and the finishing gravity, so I should be able to figure the alcohol content. Let's see, with the help of Beermath:
Percent alcohol=5.1%
That's cool. My problem right now is that I can't wait to try it! I bottled on Wednesday, 10/29. I ran out of will power and cracked open a bottle on Sunday, 11/16--that's about two and a half weeks later. But... it had a strange sharp pong to the aftertaste that wasn't pleasant. I don't think it's ready yet.

My personal rule is to wait 4 weeks, so I'm just learning yet another lesson by drinking too early. I just need to sit tight for the full 4 weeks before I try again. Thanksgiving weekend, you are honey lager. One note: This isn't a "real" lager because I didn't brew it in a refrigerator. I guess it is more "lager-esque"--light and sharp. Supposed to be, anyway.

Plotting my next batch as soon as I can afford the ingredients. I'm thinking about something dark and spicy. Thoughts?

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