Trying to Eat Cheap: Dinner, Day 18

This is kind of the opposite of last night, which was a little bit of meat with a lot of other less expensive stuff. This time the main feature was 2 nice juicy pork chops, with just a few cheap sides. I think the results are comparable in terms of both satisfaction and price. Here's my plate: boneless pork chop (cut in two), kale (my fave!) with big pats of farmer's market butter, and a mix of red onion, red cabbage and apple that I caramelized along with the pork.

Here's my cost breakdown:

2 pork chops: $5.45
1/2 red cabbage, 1/2 red onion, 1 apple: $2.00
cloves, brown sugar, s&p: .50
1/2 bunch kale: $2.00
pb&j that the little one ate as a snack and then wouldn't eat dinner: $1.00
Total: $10.95
That seems like a pretty good price for such a meaty meal. We definitely comparison shopped the price per pound of this pork with no bones compared to bone-in chops and other cuts. We decided to pay a little more but avoid the bones. Seemed like a better deal in the long run, since who knows how much the bone weighed--it looked like it took up a quarter of a chop!


Maggie said...

I love pork and cabbage together. I put slices of pork sausage into my braised cabbage and call it a meal.

"Prof. Kitty" said...

I do the same. Or lamb sausage too! Gotta try your pagach recipe sometime soon, cabbage is a keeper for winter/thrifty cooking.