Solid Gold Dancer wannabe

Every song a classic. Every dance sequence bizarre.

That's how Solid Gold seems to me now, 20 years after it ended. I was reminded of the show by song 5 in my playlist below. I used to watch Solid Gold every week, secretly, just before Star Search. (Secretly because I was not allowed to watch TV.) Then I would practice my Solid Gold Dancer moves. What I didn't pick up at the time is that it seems odd to have scantily-clad women on primetime TV doing provocative dance routines to random 80s hits, from James Taylor to Madness to Elton John to Asia. I think if I were just going to spontaneously whip off a novel about something, today it would be about a Solid-Gold-like dancer and her mixed-up life on and off stage. Dancing! Dating! Late nights with celebrities! Wholesome crafting hobbies! Sparkly legwarmers! (My imaginary novel topic varies on a daily basis.)

Watching a bunch of "best of" videos also makes me realize how many 80s songs I've plain forgotten. I'm going to have to start hitting the dollar bins again for more vinyl! (Also I totally totally loved Rick Dees.) I just wish Mel Slurp had hosted an episode.

This past week's Beef Jerky Time has little to do with the 80s. Here's the 12*3*08 playlist:

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