Best of 09: Animal Collective and Bibio

"Brother Sport" by Animal Collective
(from "Merriweather Post Pavilion," label=Domino, New York City)
Animal Collective has been compared to the Grateful Dead recently because I guess their shows involve a fair amount of improvisatory noodling (sometimes draping their electronic equipment in glowing sheets). Also, light shows. My very scientific system gave this song 6 points--including one Reason X point for having a memory attached. It was a gorgeous day in the late spring and we went to visit a baby new to the world. Celebratory sparkling wine was consumed, and important tennis personalities explained to me. The itunes was playing on the housewide stereo, and in the middle of our visit, "Brother Sport" came on. With the sun and the springtime and the baby and the novelty of lunch-time champagne, that moment got burned into my brain as a bright portrait... with a great soundtrack.

Take a listen at their MySpace page, or visit their Web site here.

"S'vive," by Bibio
(from "Ambivalence Avenue," label=Warp, England)
If you like the dense electronic sounds of Animal Collective, you might also like this song. There is a ton of stuff going on, and much of it is distorted and strange, but it works. Piercing chimes, mega-distorted slap bass, vocals edited so they stutter. It reminds me of Tomita, one guy being crazy creative with his machines.

Take a listen on Hype Machine, or visit Bibio's MySpace page.

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