Best of 09: Nina Dioz and Reverie Sound Revue

"Prefiero el Asfalto," by Niña Dioz
(from "Rudo y Cursi soundtrack," label=Nacional, Mexico)

Niña Dioz is a boss rapper from Mexico. She is, like, 24. I love the way she sounds in this song--confident, collected, cocky. (Also the fact that everything's in Spanish adds mystique.) The effects in this song are very cool, what I've admired elsewhere as a "wierd subterranean distorted robot voice," and also some accordion gives a nice little folky norteño sound. But only for a second--this song is definitely kickass hip-hop. (I want to see the movie that it's in!)

Take a listen at Niña Dioz's MySpace page.

"An Anniversary Away" by Reverie Sound Revue
(from "Reverie Sound Revue," label=Boompa, Canada)

This would be a soft ballad and totally not my type if it weren't for something going on with the drums. It gets propelled forward by a distinctly Canadian-sounding beat (it sounds Canadian to me anyway). I think it has to do with a theory that American audiences will clap on beat and Canadians clap off the beat. This percussion is all syncopated and incessant, but it drives the gorgeous atmospheric song rather than overpowering it. Please take a listen at Reverie Sound Revue's MySpace Page, or check out the band's Web site.

Or just check out the video:

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