Songs of 09: VEGA and Basement Jaxx

"No Reasons," by VEGA
(from "Well Known Pleasures" EP, label=Vogue College Records, Austin, TX)
This song by young Alan Palomo's project VEGA has an exuberant synth-pop sound. It is especially good for topping out the mood of your party after everyone has had a few drinks and is thinking of hitting the bars next--play this and dance on some furniture before you leave the house. It is happy, fast, upbeat, and extremely infectious electro! Take a listen at VEGA's MySpace page.

"Raindrops" by Basement Jaxx
(from "Scars," Ultra Records, UK)
As mentioned in my first "Songs of 09" post, I came up with a rating system from 0-10 to help me assess my 2009 picks. "Raindrops" got the highest score of all, a 9. I guess that makes it my favorite song of 2009--I didn't even know! It is definitely so good that it makes me lead a double life. (This used to happen with "Born Slippy" from the Trainspotting soundtrack, which fueled my squalid bedsit Doc Marten-wearing existence in Leith--that was also purely imaginary.) "Raindrops" makes me want to be a young professional in a huge world-class city, doing highly intellectual work by day and then wining and dining and dancing all night. Basically, it makes me feel like a hottie. Almost needless to say, this was a huge summer song in my world--I think the the songs of the summer usually become the songs of the year.

Listen here on Stereogum, or visit the Basement Jaxx Web site.

I had a great 2009 by the way. The best year yet in some ways; I got into excellent shape physically and mentally, and grew into an adult confidence I'd never felt before. I already know 2010 is going to be different. I hope it's not worse--for any of us. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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