Favorite Songs of 2009: complete list

2009 was just an awesome year for finding good music to love. Here are my favorites, grouped in roughly ascending order from jj to Basement Jaxx. Keep scrolling for some excellent remix recommendations below that.

"From Africa to Málaga," by jj (Sweden)
(from "no. 2," label=sincerely yours)
Click the image above to download!

"True Stories" by Datarock (Norway)
(from "Red"; label=Young Aspiring Professionals)
Listen to "True Stories" on their Myspace page.

"The Great Defector," by Bell X1 (Ireland)
(from "Blue Lights on the Runway"; label: Bellyup)
Listen to "The Great Defector" on their myspace page.

"Happy Up Here" by Röyksopp (Norway)
(from "Junior," label=Astralwerks)
You can hear the song on their Web site, here.

"All the King's Men" by Wild Beasts (Leeds, UK)
(from "Two Dancers," label=Domino)
Listen to the song on the Wild Beasts Myspace page.

"Prefiero el Asfalto," by Niña Dioz (Mexico)
(from "Rudo y Cursi soundtrack," label=Nacional)
Take a listen at Niña Dioz's MySpace page.

"An Anniversary Away" by Reverie Sound Revue (Canada)
(from "Reverie Sound Revue," label=Boompa)
Please take a listen at Reverie Sound Revue's MySpace Page.

"Brother Sport" by Animal Collective (New York City)
(from "Merriweather Post Pavilion," label=Domino)
Take a listen at their MySpace page.

"S'vive," by Bibio (England)
(from "Ambivalence Avenue," label=Warp)
Take a listen on Hype Machine.

"Tonight's Today" by Jack Peñate (London, England)
(from "Everything's New," label=XL Recordings)
Please take a listen at Jack Peñate's MySpace page.

"Lisztomania," by Phoenix (France)
(from "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix," label=Loyauté/Glassnote)
Listen at their MySpace page.

"No Reasons," by VEGA (Austin, TX)
(from "Well Known Pleasures" EP, label=Vogue College Records)
Take a listen at VEGA's MySpace page.

"Raindrops" by Basement Jaxx (UK)
(from "Scars," label=Ultra Records)
Listen here on Stereogum.

But wait, there's more!
In 2009, I was particularly excited about these four remixes. They are genius.

Day 'n' Nite (Crookers remix): Kid Cudi
This is the soundtrack to my imaginary club life. Go here to listen (click "Stream").

Nadine (Memory Tapes version): Fool's Gold
Go here to listen (click "Stream").

Can You Tell (The Kids are Radioactive remix): Ra Ra Riot

Listen at The Kids Are Radioactive's MySpace page (click on Ra Ra Riot RMX).

Rock Off Shake Off remix: Rye Rye

I don't know who did the remixing--the N.E.E.T. label web site won't say. But go there and take a listen! (Click on Rock Off Shake Off remixes, there's only one.)

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fadedglamour said...

Have you seen the children's choir version of Lisztomania? It's on YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mZ1zV1l2KQ - and is lovely.

Never realised Bell X1 were still going! They sound a bit different these days...