Late Fall Music Roundup

Here's another bunch of playlists from my weekly radio show, Beef Jerky Time. A few comments:

The Tutankamon and Fruit Bats songs in the 11/11 show are both so Allman Brothers Band!

I'm happy Thao with the Get Down Stay Down have a new album out ("Know Better Learn Faster"). Thao et al. were a memorable part of my 2008.

Fanfarlo and also Ra Ra Riot are on deck for becoming my next obsessions. What I've heard so far is great great stuff and I want more. Please leave a comment if you know more about these 2! (If you're reading this before Christmas '09, go check out Fanfarlo's Advent Calendar on their homepage!)

OMG, new stuff from Yeasayer?! I am still so in love with their song "2080" from 2+ years ago.

I am sorry Alela Diane, but a song called "Pieces of String" will only ever remind me of Monty Python.

The 11/18 show was largely picked by my iTunes. It kept coming up with good stuff and I kept writing it down. I mean, Beck! It's been so long!

I'm glad I managed to get one album from each year of the '00s in the "Albums of the Naughties" show (12/2). I didn't plan it that way. It just worked out. (Here's my "official list" of 00s albums.)

  • Perro Loco: Forro in the Dark
  • El Tigeraso (Sticky K remix): Maluca
  • Total Babe: Barebones
  • Don't Dance: Hot Chip
  • When We Swam: Thao & the Get Down Stay Down
  • Are You Sure: Tutankamon
  • The Ruminant Band: Fruit Bats
  • Miles from Minnesota: Lower 48
  • Hands: The Dutchess & the Duke
  • Little Pieces: The Parlour Steps
  • Ambling Alp: Yeasayer
  • I'm a Pilot: Fanfarlo
  • A House is Not a Home: Miike Snow
  • Pieces of String: Alela Diane

  • New Mate: Figurine
  • The Argument: The Sea & Cake
  • World Price of Love: New Order
  • Wet & Rusting: Menomena
  • Tropicalia: Beck
  • Pac Man Fever: Sprites
  • Visions/Nobody Lost, Nobody Found: Cut Copy
  • Can You Tell (The Kids Are Radioactive remix): Ra Ra Riot
  • Nadine (Memory Tapes version): Fool's Gold
  • First Train Home: Imogen Heap

  • Alouette!: Tallest Trees
  • Blood: The Middle East
  • Careful with that Hat: Citay
  • Crumbling Land: Pink Floyd
  • This Corrosion: Sisters of Mercy
  • Basic Space: The XX
  • You Cried Me: Jookabox
  • Hope Is a Drug: Gavin Castleton
  • Sound of Silver: LCD Soundsystem
  • War on War: Wilco
  • The Smallest Weird Number: Boards of Canada

12*2*09, in this show I explored "Albums of the Naughties"
  • Crawlspace: Beastie Boys (To the 5 Boroughs, 2004)
  • Float On: Modest Mouse (Good News for People Who Like Bad News, 2004)
  • Over & Over: Hot Chip (The Warning, 2006)
  • Milkshake: Kelis (Tasty, 2003)
  • Stillness is the Move: Dirty Projectors (Bitte Orca, 2009)
  • The Underdog: Spoon (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, 2007)
  • Lost Cause: Beck (Sea Change, 2002)
  • Counting Stars on the Ceiling: Stars (Nightsongs, 2000)
  • Old School Joint: Missy Elliott (Miss E... So Addictive, 2001)
  • Campus: Vampire Weekend (Vampire Weekend, 2008)
  • Last Living Souls: Gorillaz (Demon Days, 2005)
  • Hotel Song: Regina Spektor (Begin to Hope, 2005)

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